Twilight Los Angeles, 1992 pg.1-150

The book Twilight Los Angeles 1992 is written by Anna Deavere Smith.  This book is filled with many different stories of people that were part of the L.A. riots in 1992.  The reason for these riots was because of the near death beating of Rodney King, who although was at fault did not deserve the cruel batons by members of the Los Angeles Police Department.  All of this was caught on tape by a witness and the four police members were put on trial.  After these trials they were acquitted which caused a massive uproar in L.A.  This was known as the L.A. riots of 1992.

In the beginning of the novel, a man named Rudy Salas tells of his story during the L.A. riots where he was severely beaten and had to be put on a hearing aid after a police member destroyed his eardrums.  These type of actions on minority peoples such as Blacks and Mexicans filled them with hate against the white people.  Then we here the testimonial of a police commissioner who speaks with a gang members at a gang related meeting.  He was curious of these people because he put them in a different category then ordinary people.  There was an interesting conversation with the MOC member Theresa Allison who was scarred after seeing children killed in drive by shootings.  It just goes to show that these times were very dangerous and many people were injured or killed whether they were a minority or not.

In the chapter interviewing Sergeant Duke, he speaks of how his officer Powell does not know how to work a baton correctly.  He was one of the members that got acquitted in the trial on Rodney King.  Josie Morales was also interviewed who witnessed the beating of Rodney.  She was right next to George Holliday when they saw how the beating went.  She describes how gruesome the event was and that it was wrong even if the person getting the beating committed a crime. This chapter really showed how bad this event was and that it was something that should have been looked into.

Another interesting chapter was the Riot chapter with Chung Lee who was Korean.  It is written in a Korean dialect that really shows the diversity of people that were affected by these riots.  He is a store owner in L.A. that got totally looted because of this event.  There were similar chapters in this book like the Richard Kim interview where he was the victim of the riot attacks.

This part of the book shows the violence and distress in L.A. through the perspective of the people that were involved.  It showed how terrible a riot in America could turn out and that any type of rebellion would result in severe damage.  It also goes to show that people are very prideful of their race and do not like the white majority being all powerful after all the years of being put through racism, discrimination, and slavery.


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